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Want something to heckle about? OKAY! 

Apr 17, 2021

HECKLE DEEZ IS BACK!!! Season 2 brings new topics but maintains the same heckle. Adam Jones and Reggie Fugett are back and are better than ever. Adam is still in Japan playing his second season for the Orix Bufffaloes, and Reggie is in Baltimore awaiting his bar exam results to be a lawyer. In EP 1 of the new season, Adam heckles about COVID and is HOT about wearing masks in situations when it may not make sense cause his breath stinks (2:00).  Adam and Reggie are joined by Sean Overzat, former US Marine and now expatriate living in Japan (8:30). Plus, much, much more that you will not want to miss! Your favorite hosts are back heckling each other and heckling about life as we know it! Enjoy & HECKLE DEEZ!!!